Julie's work was featured in the Ridgefield Guild of Artists 10th Annual Juried Member Show.
The juror was Adrienne Ruger Conzelman, director of ARC Fine Art.

Click here to read the statement from Executive Director Pamela Stoddart.

Julie's photograph Salvador Dalí Was Here won Honorable Mention.

Birds in the Snow, Vienna

Salvador Dalí Was Here


Juror's Statement:

In selecting work for the Annual Member Show of the Ridgefield Guild of Artists, I trusted my “eye” (honed over 30 years of examining art) to narrow down the selection from a purely visual standpoint.  Of course, most view art with their eyes so that probably comes as no surprise.  But, what I mean to suggest is that I did not follow a strict list of guidelines or criteria that each piece had to meet or abide by.  Rather, if I was drawn to an image initially, I spent time examining it in greater depth, searching for the usual elements of an art work of quality: a well-balanced or interesting composition, a facility with draftsmanship or craft, an innovative approach to materials, a harmonic or unifying use of color, a unique approach to a certain medium or a unique subject matter.  Simultaneously, I strove to create an overall exhibition which included art works of all media- sculpture, paintings, works on paper and photographs and which when viewed as whole might reflect a unifying aesthetic of one juror but also be varied enough to provide a rich and layered show of many minds.

- Adrienne Ruger Conzelman